6 tips to create successful actions with advertisers

Nowadays we live in a continuous advertising impact where we going, both offline and online. That’s why many advertisers seek new advertising formats in online media that complete or substitute to the traditional banner, MPU, preroll…

Some media already have commercial departments  of special actions that give shape to more complex projects that are sponsored  by their advertisers but in its majority of the cases they are still unidirectional actions that do not contemplate the participation of the media, and therefore, they lose strength  and value.

It is important can offer to your advertisers an action in which not only transmit the values of the brand or the product that to be advertised, but also the opportunity to consumers or the target public of the brand to participate in the action. There are many factors to see for the elaboration of this type of action. Here are 6 tips to create successful actions with an advertiser:


  • Objective of the brand

We have to be able to configure the action, to give more presence to transmit the brand values, if the goal is improve the brand image. Or maybe is more interesting guide the action towards the leads generation for later commercial exploitation of the database. There may be different objectives but it is important to have it well defined to create the action very aligned to the achievement of them.


  • Target of the action

When it is about to involve the audience offering the opportunity of interact and participate in the action is very important to be clear if the target audiences is going to be proactive. The young or millennial public, is quite difficult, is an audience that if connect with the action it become in the main prescriber of it and therefore of the brand.

  • Creative Idea

Maybe this is the most complicated part of the process, find the idea or creative  concept that responds to the brand objectives  without lose the freshness, fun and attractive that makes the target want to participate. For that, we recommend the creation of actions where the audiences can participate in video format (UGC Video). The video is not just the content  with major impact, also the one that will make us stay longer in the media. And with which can create more entertaining contents. If you want to connect with your audience through a UGC Video campaign, download our free template.

One recommendation that we always suggest is try to do it simple and fun to the person who participates with their video. FOr example, if the target is transmit the healthy value of a product, we must relate the campaign with an healthy and fun action that the people can record at their homes, like dancing a simple choreography and after create with all the participants a video clip of healthy movements.


  • Mechanism of action

Beside of the creative idea importance we have to determinate how it going to be develop the action. If would be different participation phases, what we have to need to determinate how will be the winners, which prizes can we give to incentive the participation. It is important to keep in mind that in the action site, in addition the participants can upload their videos, can vote, share the videos on social networks, generate rankings… But do not worry, because you don’t have to develop all these functionalities in your media but there are possibilities in the market that you can integrate into your site quickly and easily.


  • Content generation

One of the main advantages of this type of actions is that you will get a lot of content from the participants that will surprise you for its quality, originality and freshness. This content is so close and valuable to the audience that you can use it to generate weekly content during the action that brings more traffic to it. And when the action ends, you can create a final content that can become a brand spot created with content generated by the audience or entertainment content for your media (branded content). Even and depending of size of the action that content may be susceptible to be broadcast on television, in the case of being the action in an online media of a television channel.


  • Advertising exploitation

When at the beginning of this article we talked about generating new advertising actions that complemented the most traditional formats, we mean it. In this new special action of generation of content by the audience for a brand is not exempt the integration of banners, preroll, postroll or any of the most traditional online advertising formats. But also, you have the advantage of being able to insert a preroll in videos that the public of the brand has uploaded to participate in an action of the same.

As an addition, at the end of the campaign, the brand will have a database of participants and people who have interacted with the campaign and with a susceptible content to be exploited commercially and your media, will have increased web traffic and improved the time of visits among a proactive audience.

No doubt there are many advertisers who demand this type of action that makes them differentiate themselves from their competitors, and who are willing to make a greater investment if they get in return, not just an impact, but content in video generated by the users (UGC Video). that they can take advantage of it

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