6 tricks to improve your digital audience

Digital platforms, online channels, social media, UGC Video, transmedia campaigns, smart devices ... in our the day by day we use digital tools for online consumption. This is the main reason why media and producers have changed their traditional planning and create digital actions for consumers who move in digital. Check out these 6 tricks to improve your digital audience.

Are so many digital supporters that the audience have access in a easy, fast and free form, that's why every time is more difficult attract and retain the digital audience. Most of the viewers claim that they can not find high quality content on television, also added the brands that are advertising in TV programs and series, they can not draw the attention of their target audience.  


6 tricks to improve your digital audience

  • Generate unique digital experience

The viewers have to their disposition a lot of video content, as if you want to stand up between all these content, you have to make a difference. Create online experiences related to your offline content in which the audience can be part of. There are countless actions you can take to interact with the audience and give them a more active role in your media.

-Sections of viewers video opinion about a subject, reality, program or series

Contests or challenges launch to the audience to respond with a video

-Talent contests among your viewers

- Much more...

  • Second Screen

Most of the viewers watch television and use technological devices at the same time (tablets, smartphone, PC…), so they do not focus their attention in what is happening in the television screen. The best solution to this is involve to the viewers to interact with the serie in real time or create a transmedia action which allows actively participate with their program, series or favorite content online.


  • UGC Video

Do not forget the video content that the viewers generate and share it in their social networks. This multimedia format increases in considerable form the viewer's emotional side and is the kind of content that the viewers are currently demanding.

Keep in mind that 78% of the netizens consume the online video every week and more half is do it daily. If you wagering for this kind of content will help you to attract your audience. If you want to get the most out of the content, we invite you to download our free guide to how a medium can generate benefit for UGC Video through brand sponsorship.


  • Interact with your audience via social networks

The social networks are the ideal support to announce your transmedia campaign, involve your spectators in a digital action and follow up to the television spaces.... So do not forget the social media, it will help you improve the engagement and the interaction with your audience in a close and real form.

Also, if you interact with your target through the social networks, it will allow you to know their behaviour and it will be easier to connect with them on and offline.


  • Exploitation of the gained content

Get a good content generated by the audience is the result of working the two previous points. But more important are the actions that you will take to exploit that generated content. Remember that this type of content helps you improve your audience because other viewers perceive it as close and consider it valuable. A good treatment and diffusion of these contents must be carried out in order to obtain the best results.


  • Monitoring, monitoring  and monitoring again

If you do not monitoring your digital and transmedia actions, is as if you had not done them. The monitoring allows you to know your target audience behaviour and know which actions are the best to work with your media, etc. So we recommend you monitoring your transmedia campaigns in order to obtain real data from your digital activity.

These are the 6 tricks based in our experience that work, now you must analyse well the target that you want to reach and apply these tips to your transmedia strategy. Remember this to reach to your digital audience, it must be as close and creative as possible and let the viewers be the protagonist of your campaign.   

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