Televisa triumphs with a digital action generated by its audience

The Mexican broadcast group, Televisa, has been able to understand perfectly the new viewers behaviours, who want to be part of the creative process in the launching or promotion  of new television spaces. According to this new viewers behaviour, we created along with Televisa for the launch and promotion of the soap opera 'The Double Life of Estela Carrillo'.

The results of this campaign were a success, as the viewers want to be involved in digital actions carried out by media and producers. With this digital action, that we will mention, has demonstrated the involved of the viewers with broadcast networks through video elaboration content  and its subsequent dissemination through their social profiles.


Why a digital action of UGC Video is so successful in the media?

In the following months the video content on Internet will raise 10% and it will be the format with more activity and interaction generated in the network. So by the end of 2017, the 80% of Internet traffic will be online video and 70% will be UGC Video, in means, created by the viewers themselves. To connect with your audience through a UGC Video get a 15% off and connect with your audience.

And within this 70% are the majority of viewers who are considered as multiplatform and almost half of them, is viewing  content on their mobile device while they are watching content on television. So one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with this audience is through UGC Video campaigns, which are characterized by the following attributes:


  • Closeness between the media and their viewers: the content is the most powerful tool that media have to establish long lasting relationships with their target. But this type of content is quite useless if the audience is not invited to be generated by itself. This type of actions brings the media closer to viewers and gains credibility and closeness.
  • Unique experiences: digital platforms, content in video, television à la carte… the Internet users can access to a large number of content linked to a media or producer, which should awake emotions and unique feelings in the viewers, otherwise will forgotten among thousand of contents that day by day are stored on Internet without being seen.
  • Sense of belonging: the viewers not just want sit on their couch to watch series or TV programs, they want to feel they are part of the television spaces that they are watching and comment with their friends and family. That´s why the multiplatform actions allow the media involve audiences and their content is the main role (even in a digital way).
  • Improve digital engagement: as we said before, the majority of the viewers move in a fully digitized world, so if you media or production company generates digital actions that invite you to participate, you will improve your audience engagement.
  • Increasing the audience: Televisa has been able to enjoy these attributes since they have been the fundamental elements for the television soap opera called “La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo”, a musical contest where we looked for who can voice to the soundtrack  to the soap opera. This action gave the opportunity to thousand of Mexicans viewers who demonstrated their musical talent  and at the same time, allowed Televisa to have authentic content, exclusive, original, dynamic and natural for futures promotions both for social networks and its web site. Through this action, Televisa was able to make its audience participate in a new television premiere and also invited all the viewers to vote for their favorite, opening up to a target of other age groups.


Video content is becoming more powerful and has more importance in digital actions. This action of Televisa counted on more than 350 participant videos, more than 110,000 page views to the web of the network and more than 12,000 votes in only 4 weeks.

Televisa relied on our technology to connect with its audience where it was able to monetize this action at all time thanks to the implementation of its advertising adserver in display and pre / post-roll formats within the participating videos. This we had told you influence in a direct way as it counts with a multi platform advertising product and transmedia completely new and innovative.


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