Why the viewers have stopped watching traditional television?

The viewer's behaviour has changed radically when watching television is about. This, along with the massive quality offer generated by the social platforms, has made that the audience numbers drop drastically and the television is no longer the first option to consume video content.

Until now the television has been the central device for millions of homes around the world to be informed and consume entertainment content. We talk in the past, because  television has come second, not only by the evolution of the behavior of the spectators, also for the recently emergence of the digital and social platforms.


The evolution of audience behaviors 

Nowadays the viewers are more connected than ever and is doing mainly by their cell phone. Either through apps, platforms, social networks… where the interaction is bigger and the content generated stimulate the viewer's experience. That’s why the the television networks must be reinvented and avoid to offer the same content in a traditional and digital form. But should seek digital complementary actions.

One of the consequences after the viewers have stopped watching traditional television,  has been reflected in the data of advertising investment that confirm that the economic amount that is destined in television has decreased considerably and Internet is now where more money is invested in advertising format.

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Real study of spectators behaviour

Google knows very well the new spectator behaviour and has collected all data in a study, they confirmed that the majority of the audience use the television to watch the video online content available on internet. It means, that the screen TV is used as a support to enjoy the online content whether through Apple Tv, Chromecast or similar applications.

This study that we are talking about highlights the new use that is given to television screen, as 2 out of 3 viewers admit that they use television to watch YouTube or any other social platform. This behaviour is associated with the use of television has decreased by 20% compared the use of laptops and tablets.


The decline of viewing content thorigh television 

To this viewer behaviour we must be added that the viewing of online video content has been a key piece in the decline of the use of television, this has been the only one media that has been dropped more than 10% in the last two years and the programs and films  consumption has dropped by 13%. Instead digital platforms such as Netflix or HBO viewers have raised considerably.

“87% of the viewers ensure that they use the cell phone when they are watching traditional television content”

From Accenture say that we are witnessing a non stop decline in viewing of the traditional television, as the viewers can access easily and quickly to digital platforms for a mobile device where they can enjoy a large amount content in quality video and in addition, remarked that the viewing experience is the next step in the television digitization.


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